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The next trail we are helping to raise funding for is the Lexie and Ethan Trail.

Please watch this Fox 13 News Article

Below is a link to the map of the new trail that Sofia Osthed is working very hard on in support of her friends that were killed in an auto accident on November 19th, 2016. All donations will be going to this new trail and construction will start in the late spring.

Lexi & Ethan Trail Concept 10-10-17

Below is the view from where the new trail will go. The Lexie and Ethan trail will go from Red Potato to the Bst going past the top of Red Rock.


                 Donate Here For The Lexie-Ethan Trail



Draper Journal Article-

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Click here to Check Out Map to New Three Falls Trail in Alpine

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Corner Canyon Trails Foundation is proud to announce the grand opening of the new Gravity Logic Trail –



And don’t forget the recently refurbished




What to do to become a better rider- Click Here


Dogs and the Watershed

Still not sure where dogs are allowed, click here     Watershed Map

Basically, the Bst and below are OK from Hidden Valley Park in Sandy to Potato Hill Trail.  From Coyote Hollow, Bst up to and including Potato Hill Trail, through tunnel and west on all trails are Ok.

Suspension Bridge

Wondering how to get to the Suspension Bridge, click on link below.

map to bear canyon bridge

Great Corner Canyon Loop ride –

Orsen Smith, Ghostfalls, Suspension Bridge Loop


Monday Night Hikes to start on May 2. Meeting place will no longer be at Trax. We decided to meet at the far north end of the equestrian park parking lot at 6pm. 


Mountain Biking for Beginners- Great Article



 Old News Articles on Corner Canyon

Deseret News 1994

Salt Lake Tribune 2012


REI supports Corner Canyon Trails Foundation

REI recently awarded a grant to help support our efforts to build new trails and make trail improvements in Corner Canyon.    Please let REI know how much you appreciate their support.


  Three principals of trail etiquette 

Ksl article

Little Valley Loop

Little Valley is located on the other side of Traverse Ridge road from the Potato Hill Trailhead. To get there, you can park at Potato Hill and take the tunnel under Traverse Ridge and head a short distance to the Little Valley Trailhead. This new trail is great for families with kids who would like to go for a short hike. This trail is also great if you want to take your dog for a good hike through the woods. If you’re heading up to Peak View on your mountain bike, head through the tunnel and add this little loop onto your ride.


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2016 New Trails Update :

Mercer Hollow Trail – New trail starts across Suncrest Rd from Eagles Crest. Look for Fire Hydrant.

Eagles Crest Trail- Trail has been recut and improved.

Hoof and Boots- Switchback turns have been widened and improved.

Maple Hollow South- Trail has been recut, widened and cleared.


Cool, Clean, Water–  So you’re heading up from the Equestrian Center on the Lower Corner Canyon Trail and you turn up the fire road  and a couple hundred yards in it dawns on you; you forgot to fill your water bottle. Well look to your right and there it is, a new water fountain. This water fountain is located on the fire road a little below the road that heads up to Canyon Hollow. There’s also a faucet to fill a container for your dog on those hot days.

Check it out– new homemade video called Rushing Hours

Update:  We’ve put up some leashes at most of the trailheads that visitors can borrow who may may have forgotten their leash at home. Its critical that all visitors with dogs use a leash so hopefully this will help.


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