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We’re excited to get this website up and running to help inform and educate visitors, both new and old, to the Corner Canyon area. Over the years, many of us have either stumbled upon, heard from a friend or neighbor, or attended a running or biking event in Corner Canyon. No matter how you were introduced to the area, the more time you spend here, the more you love it. Somehow Corner Canyon has an almost addictive quality about it and most people can’t wait to squeeze in one more hike, walk with their dog or bike ride .

Weekly Hike Series. Call Julie Kilgore for details         801-244-3323. 



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Lost Backpack at Coyote Hollow 7/9. See lost and found to help.

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 Old News Articles on Corner Canyon

Deseret News 1994

Salt Lake Tribune 2012


REI supports Corner Canyon Trails Foundation

REI recently awarded a grant to help support our efforts to build new trails and make trail improvements in Corner Canyon.    Please let REI know how much you appreciate their support.

 Important Trail Change Update

Clarks Trail is Now One-Way Up for Bikes

  Three principals of trail etiquette 

Ksl article

 Red Potato Trail

We have recently completed the new Red Potato Trail that heads down from Potato Hill to the Bst heading towards Red Rock. This now allows visitors to park at the Red Rock Trailhead, which is off of Mike Weir Drive, instead of the overcrowded Coyote Hollow Trailhead and climb this new trail up to Potato Hill. This is a great new trail and was funded by the Corner Canyon Trails Foundation.

Little Valley Loop

Little Valley is located on the other side of Traverse Ridge road from the Potato Hill Trailhead. To get there, you can park at Potato Hill and take the tunnel under Traverse Ridge and head a short distance to the Little Valley Trailhead. This new trail is great for families with kids who would like to go for a short hike. This trail is also great if you want to take your dog for a good hike through the woods. If you’re heading up to Peak View on your mountain bike, head through the tunnel and add this little loop onto your ride.


Corner Canyon Trails and Open Space Foundation

Our first project of 2014 is a new bridge abutment  on both sides of the bridge located on the Bst right next to where we installed the retaining wall last year. Unfortunately, the dirt beneath the bridge was eroding away so this new improvement will protect the bridge for many years to come.

We are also working on completing the first Ada friendly trail located at Potato Hill with a short retaining wall to support the downhill side of the trail. We are also installing a retaining wall at the beautiful overlook of the valley to enlarge the viewing area.


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2014 New Trails Update :

CycleCross coarse– Equestrian Center

Red Potato Trail- Red Rock to Potato Hill 

Little Valley Beginner Trails


Cool, Clean, Water–  So you’re heading up from the Equestrian Center on the Lower Corner Canyon Trail and you turn up the fire road  and a couple hundred yards in it dawns on you; you forgot to fill your water bottle. Well look to your right and there it is, a new water fountain. This water fountain is located on the fire road a little below the road that heads up to Canyon Hollow. There’s also a faucet to fill a container for your dog on those hot days.

Check it out– new homemade video called Rushing Hours

New Article in the Tribune:  Dogs and the Watershed

Update:  We’ve put up some leashes at most of the trailheads that visitors can borrow who may may have forgotten their leash at home. Its critical that all visitors with dogs use a leash so hopefully this will help.


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