Trail Conditions

Below is the up-to-date listing of trail openings or closures.

Ok to use trails when frozen. Please don’t use trails that are hit by the sun during warmer temperatures such as Ghost Falls

During the winter and early spring, trails that are Always Open are Gasline, BST from Coyote Hollow to East Bench trailhead, Upper Corner Canyon, Aquaduct, Lower Corner Canyon Trails, and Rattler since these trails are mostly sandy-type soils and mostly south facing.

When most trails are closed, one option would be to ride Gasline up to Ghostfalls North all the way up to Ghostfalls itself. One way up and back down the same way but a beautiful ride and mostly dry. For a longer ride, start at the Orsen Smith trailhead, ride Upper Corner Canyon to East Bench, turn slightly right onto BST. From East Bench, take Bst for a short distance to Rattler to Ghostfalls or take Rattler past the ravine and veer right and descend down to Ghostfalls north.On your way back, instead of turning right onto BST back East Bench,  go straight which is now Aquaduct back to Upper Corner Canyon. Turn left onto Upper Corner Canyon road and your back at Orsen Smith.

Open = Green     Open = Use Caution    Closed = Red

1. Ghost Falls-

2. Clarks-

3. Rush

4. Canyon Hollow-

5. Ann’s- Potato Hill to Peak View

6. BST- From Coyote Hollow to Point of the moutain