Sweet Rides

Here we go. Which trail to do today?

Oh, I know Up Clark’s and Down Ghost. Up Canyon Hollow and back Down Canyon Hollow or Down Ghost. There are some great new trails to throw into the mix and some out of the ordinary rides to try, so here are a few.

Beginners to Novice: One of best rides is to start at Orsen Smith trailhead, take upper corner canyon to Ghostfalls trailhead, ride Ghostfalls, left at T to Canyon Hollow. After the zigzaggy part, the trail makes a hard right, you’ll see a gully on your right, make a right, cross bridge and left down Ghostfalls north around the big rock. This trail merges to the right onto Gasline. Take this to the 5 way intersection and take lower aquaduct back to the Orsen Smith trailhead. The thing that’s nice about this ride  is the climb is easier than many of the other trails and by the time you hit lower aquaduct, you’re ready to sprint to the finish.

Give Rush a chance:  Ok, we hear you in the parking lot how you actually have to peddle a little on Rush butt it sure is nice to have the whole trail to yourself. No uphill climbers, no hikers, no horses hmmmm sounds pretty good to me. Once you get into the rhythm of the trail, it’s just as fun but in a different way. And to top it all off, the 4th section of Rush has already been cut, bridge built, sweet finish roughed in by Joey Klein and ready to ride. So next time you’re at the top parking lot, Peak View Trailhead, ask yourself “Do I want to slow down for everyone climbing Canyon Hollow in the shade or do I want to let loose on Rush?        Rush

Coyote Hollow Trailhead: Instead of taking Clark’s up to the top, make a right onto BST at Clark’s bridge and go to Potato Hill trail which veer’s off to the left going up to the new tunnel. Instead of going through the tunnel, go straight a short distance and go left onto Ann’s Trail north. This will take you to the top of Clark’s and you can pick your downhill from there, preferably Rush. Need more mileage, climb up to Jacob’s ladder trailhead and then descend down Jacobs ladder to Ghost Falls trailhead and descend down Ghost Falls.

If you live in Utah County, you can always take Hog Hollow up, ride Corner Canyon and the ride back down Hog Hollow. If you want to ride this route with a group, here’s a link to the Bike Peddler who will be happy to have you tag along, usually about every other Wednesday or so.

Bike Peddler

Phone: 801.756.5014